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Doing business in Mexico is a balance of risks and rewards

According to the 2016 PwC Global Economic Crime Survey, 37% of companies operating in Mexico were subject to at least one economic crime over the last twenty-four months. If we include employee fraud, the figure is much higher.

Businesses are subject to unscrupulous partners, perfidious employees and abusive contractors. Overcharging, over-billing, kickbacks and failure to perform contracted work or services are just a sampling of the difficulties faced regularly by Mexico-based companies.

For many small and mid-sized operations, vulnerability to fraud, theft and other types of abuse can be compounded by lack of formal oversight.

Many new types of fraud are being perpetrated electronically. Hacking, slamming (fraudulent change of telephone service), phishing, identity theft and other forms of digital crime are among the most difficult to control.

About AFAM


We are a multi-disciplinary team of attorneys and anti-fraud specialists with deep knowledge of the inner workings of Mexico's legal system. We have nation-wide contacts in law and government and, most importantly, a fresh and original approach to tackling the complex legal challenges faced by our clients.


We know that the judicial process in Mexico can be intimidating, particularly when up against a large company or financial institution. For this reason, you want an advocate who will stand strong, one who knows their tactics, and one who won't be intimidated by powerful interests. We fight indefatigably for our clients' rights.


The successful recovery of stolen assets in Mexico requires special legal and investigative expertise. What sets us apart from other firms is that we can handle all aspects of fraud cases from evidence collection, investigation, expert testimony and navigation of the Mexican criminal and civil court systems.